A STROKE in the family. By Valerie Eaton Griffith

When Patricia Neal, the film star, was hit by a massive series of strokes and came home to England after being in hospital in California, she could not read or write or handle numbers. The methods in this book and her own courage and that of many others including the author of this book enabled her to achieve almost 100% recovery.

Alan Moorehead, the writer, was also greatly helped after suffering a stroke, by the methods in this book and by his own and his friends courage.

Kenneth Till, the neurological surgeon, says in his preface:

"This book is small and modestly written ... Here is one more example of the increasing need in modern society for neighbourly help and of the wonderful results which can be obtained".

To this new edition, Valerie Eaton Griffith has added a section outlining the central philosophy behind her work and the national Dysphasic Support Service which it inspired.