About Us


What We Do

We facilitate Stroke Support Groups which provide an opportunity for Stroke Survivors to come together on a weekly basis.

As well as providing emotional support, the VSS clubs provide physiotherapy and brain challenging activities such quizzes, musical mornings, scrabble, and card games such as bridge. Invited guest speakers provide relevant information on health and security issues and relaxing techniques to those affected by stroke. Outings and social occasions provided by the clubs help to rebuild the stroke survivor's confidence. Volunteers (some of whom are stroke survivors) play a very important role in working of the clubs, providing transport and helping out with the activities.

One of the most important aspects of VSS support is the re-building of confidence in stroke patients; this is helped by the support and encouragement from other stroke patients and volunteers.


Activities of the groups are varied and can include:

  • Group physiotherapy sessions
  • Counselling for Patient, Spouse & Family
  • Day trips and outings
  • Respite breaks
  • Board Games
  • Cards
  • Boccia
  • Guest Speakers
  • Musical Mornings
  • Tea/Coffee & a Chat!

Our Aims

  • To help people who suffer from speech and allied problems as a result of a stroke
  • To provide a support group where patients can meet and be further helped
  • To provide outings from time to time
  • To create a greater awareness and understanding of stroke through effective and relevant publicity