Recommended Reading

 These books have proved very helpful to stroke patients and their families and are very well written.

Who Cares?

'Who Cares?' image In Who Cares? Catherine McCann asks who are the carers and how do they care? What can be done to improve and enhance the care that they give... » read more


Return to Ithaca

'Return to Ithaca' image Barbara Newborn takes the reader inside the body and mind of a 22 year old student teacher who suddenly and inexplicably has a stroke. Her book engages the reader in a journey to generate a new self... » read more


Hope After Stroke

'Hope After Stroke' image This story recounts the journey through a Cerebral Vascular Accident resulting in an acute stroke... » read more


STROKE! A Self-Help Manual for Stroke Sufferers and their Relatives

'STROKE! A Self-Help Manual for Stroke Sufferers and their Relatives' image Here at last is a source of reliable practical help for those with a stroke in the family or who are involved in caring for a stroke patient... » read more


Stroke- A Practical Guide Towards Recovery

'Stroke- A Practical Guide Towards Recovery' image Dr. Richard Langton Hewer and Dr. Derick Wade explain how much recovery of speech and movement you can expect... » read more


My Year Off

'My Year Off' image My Year Off gives voice to the millions of people who suffer strokes... » read more


After Stroke

'After Stroke' image After Stroke is a motivational lifeline for all those recovering from a stroke... » read more


A Stroke of Luck

'A Stroke of Luck' image A Stroke of Luck is the extraordinary story of Anthony Holten's road to recovery following a debilitating stroke... » read more