STROKE! A Self-Help Manual for Stroke Sufferers and their Relatives

By: Dr. R. M. Youngson.

Dr. R. M. Youngson is a member of the British Medical Association and a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. He has written a number of medical books and is particularly concerned with making information accessible and readable for those who need it.

Here at last is a source of reliable practical help for those with a stroke in the family or who are involved in caring for a stroke patient.

Dr. R. M. Youngson offers a wealth of sound, authoritative advice geared to make life easier for all concerned. The style of the book is exceptionally clear, readable and down to earth, so it is easy to use by those who need it most.

The information in STROKE! will help anyone who has had a stroke to gain lost confidence and recover faster. It concentrates on the area where the support is most needed -at home- and affirms the valuable role each family can play in aiding rehabilitation.

Completely up to date and including helpful findings from recent research, the book also shows how the latest aids can help.